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Study Says Asian Chicks Are Happiest With Their Bodies

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NYDN - Asian women are happiest with their bodies, a new survey says. Eighteen percent of Asian women are satisfied with their shape, compared to 13% of women overall, according to cosmetic surgery site One-third of American women say they’d get plastic surgery, but Asians were the least likely to consider it, with only 23% considering it. African-American women were on par with Asians for self-love — 17% were happy with their bods. And blacks loved their facial features more than any other ethnicity. On the other end, Hispanics were the least likely to be happy with their faces, and most likely to consider plastic surgery. Asians are in the middle, with 20% saying they don’t like their eyes. “The study confirms what we have seen clinically for years,” said Dr. Thomas Sterry, a cosmetic surgeon in Manhattan. “But in this politically correct world, we don’t like to mention ethnicity much.” Last year, there were 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S., according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, with Botox and boob jobs being the top injectable and surgical procedures, respectively.

Well on behalf of White Guys everywhere, I’d like to say that we’re pretty happy with your bodies too, Asians. Not a fat one in the bunch. Its remarkable really. There’s like 2 billion Asians on earth and I would venture a guess that there’s like 4500 fat Asian girls total. On earth. I guess eventually they get old and become short little fat dumplings but like 99% of the time Asian chicks in their prime are gonna have good bodies. Now we can get all nitpicky about their flat asses and stuff but bottom line they are all skinny chicks you’d like to have sex with.

I’d say Spanish chicks still take the crown because of their curves. But you also run a huge risk with Spanish women because some of them can be absolutely abominable. Just round as can be with mustaches and stuff. What you gotta get is like a Spanish/Asian/White chick. I think thats like the ideally 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 breakdown for me. Or like a light skinned black chick with white girl hair. Those are the blends that knock it out of the park.

Chances are you’ll end up hooking up with your standard grass fed chubby white girl tonight but hey we can all dream about this shit right?