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If You Could Only Get 1 Nintendo 64 Game, What Would It Be?

Made the decision to buy a Nintendo 64 bundle pack today. 

I feel good about it. It'll be a great investment for the rest of quarantine however long that lasts, pregames once it's over, or just when you feel like kickin' it with a night in. Nothing like payday then telling the wife "hey honey, I'm reverting back to my 7 year old self! Hope that's ok!"

But here's the catch: You can only choose one game. The three options? 

Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. 

All classics. I wanted to see what the online gallery would say and there were good arguments for both. The most compelling being that if you have people over a lot then go with Smash Bros, but if you just want to play alone mostly then go with Mario Kart. 

However a counter to that would be that Mario Kart is the perfect game because it can also be played with a group of people with the instant classic "Beerio Kart". 

At the end of the day I think I'm going with Mario Kart. Maybe it's the Indy in me that loves racing. But I really just think it's pound for pound the best N64 game out there. 

There were a shit ton of great suggestions for which I will keep scouring the internet. 


Jeff really fucked me on this one. Shadows of the Empire is an all-time Star Wars video game. One I have to have, but it really got me leaning Smash Bros for a sec, too. Shadows starts with that classic Battle Of Hoth level where you have to bring down the AT-AT.

Got a lot of Starfox. Another classic. Feels like an Indie classic kinda. A great game, but one that people who want to go against the grain of Mario like to pick. 

Goddddd N64 had the best Star Wars games I swear. Loved this one. You have this, Shadows from earlier, AND the podracing game "Racer" and you're sitting on a collection of Star Wars video game gold imo. 

People were about to riot because this wasn't included in the poll, but again, it's because it wasn't an option. This certainly deserves to be up there when talking about N64 games. Can never forget that thick blood coming down over the screen when you got killed.


How about Blackjack Shellack coming through with the top 10. Definitely going to cross these off one by one. NFL Blitz with Kordell Stewart on the cover? Stop. 

Tough to argue with Tyler. And at the end of the day he's right. Mario Kart it is. Fills all the needs you could want out of a video game. It's quick, you can enjoy single-player or multi-player, it's fun, and hell you could even throw down a friendly wager on them too. 

Comin' for ya, Rainbow Road.