Does This Look Like the Face Of A Taunton Dude Arrested For Exercising Naked In His Front Doorway?



TAUNTON A retired school department employee who told police he likes to exercise naked in the window of his front door — because of the sunlight — was arrested Tuesday and charged with indecent exposure a day after police said children on a school bus saw him in action. Kaushikkumar Patel, 58, allegedly was caught in the act, by a pair of undercover Taunton police detectives, just after 10 a.m. jumping up and down while holding a set of dumbbells in clear view of passersby. When the officers drove up to the house Patel allegedly was holding two dumbbells and jumping up and down in front of the glass door.


First things first.  The fact that Kaushikkumar is all part of his first name is outrageous.  It has to be Kaushik Kumar.  First name.  Last name.    It’s like he just smashed 2 names into one.  Bananas.   Anyway I kind of feel like Kaushikkumar Patel (so outrageous) is getting a bad rap here.  After all it’s a proven scientific fact that sunlight releases endorphins in the body and endorphins give you energy.  Combine that with the fact the cops said he was jumping up and down and holding dumbbells when they caught him in the act and I think his story makes sense. He wasn’t just standing naked in the doorway for the hell of it.  Guy can’t even get a naked lift in without getting hassled anymore.