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Reader Email - "I got the syracuse AAA tattoo" (He Got a Minor League Baseball Team's Logo Tatted On Him In Exchange For Season Tickets For Life)

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Hey Nate, I know you thought it was dumb to get the syracuse chiefs tattoo but just want you to know I was one of the 36 that got the tattoo.



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Hey, I never said it was dumb, I said it makes people who think a tattoo needs to mean something look dumb. People who wait until a person close to them dies or a life changing event that get tattoos, kick rocks. Stoolie “wazzymcwazzle” just proved that tattoos to get season tickets for minor league baseball teams in upstate New York are the new hotness. I’d love to see wazzymcwazzle talking to some chick who is blabbering on and on about how her tattoo signifies her rebirth of spirituality after getting out of an abusive relationship after her alcoholic parents died in a fire and her rescue dog with 3 legs ran away, and then he lets her know his tattoo signifies free MiLB tickets for life, bitch! 10/10 tattoo, wazzymcwazzle. 10/10.

PS: Hey wazzymcwazzle, you won’t get a barstool tattoo, you won’t do it. Free blogs for life. Double dog dare ya. Free blogs for life bro. Think about it.