Colin Cowherd Just Casually Boom Roasted Earl Thomas To Death



Jesus Christ, Colin. That man (somehow still) has a family! I haven't seen a herd mangle an innocent victim like that since the wildebeests did Mufasa in years ago. I'm trying to reach Colin's level of zing'ing excellence but can't seem to do it.

We were wondering what line would have to be crossed for Earl Thomas to not say "Stuff like this happens bro". Well I think we just witnessed it because there must be steam coming out of Earl Thomas' ears right now. The worst part wasn't even the ricochet shot Earl took in a conversation about a different player that plays a different position for a different team in a different division or that his brother was dragged into things. It was transitioning into the next topic with an "anyhoo". You don't just anyhoo a future Hall of Famer with a Super Bowl ring and multiple All Pros. Just a complete and utter lack of respect for the entire Thomas family, including all 3 Earls. If Earl Thomas flipped off his coach after breaking his leg without a new contract, he will definitely be will be challenging Colin Cowherd to a duel at sunrise after getting #ethered on TV.