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Let Me Remind You Of The Greatness of Purdue's Rondale Moore Because HE'S BACK

The most electric player in the nation plays his football on Saturdays in the fall in - you guessed it - West Lafayette, Indiana. 

That player is Rondale Moore. AND HE'S COMING BACK MFs!.

Got a lot of these cheeky smartass tweets back to me after I proclaimed my belief in Moore this morning. It was to be expected no doubt. 

I mean, it is Purdue football afterall. 

But this kid isn't anything close to what your mind immediately goes to when thinking of Purdue football especially in the last decade. Rondale Moore is a bonafide first round pick and one that will absolutely POP in today's NFL. 

I was at his college football debut at Ross-Ade against Northwestern in 2018. Opening Thursday of college football. Purdue hosting a primetime game to start the season. My friend Kirk Herbstreit was broadcasting the game. It was a big deal. 

And Moore made an even bigger splash in his debut. 11 catches for 109 yards and a touchdown with a 76 yard homerun on the ground for a score. 

He was the best player on the field and has been in every game he's played (besides the Auburn Music City Bowl game which we don't need to talk about). 

Moore caught 114 passes for over 1200 yards and 12 touchdowns while also adding two scores on the ground with his longest being 70 a true freshmen. 

Remember the Ohio State game? How can you not? 

Over 4 minutes of highlights from just him against the #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes featuring two of the top three draft picks from this past year's NFL Draft going against him with more pros behind them as well. 

They had no answer. 

And if you have any doubt - just put this play on a loop. 

Rondale Moore - a future first round pick and the most electric college football player in the country. 

Saturday's in West Lafayette just got a whooole lot better.