Is Steve Kerr The Next Coach Of The Philadelphia Sixers? Sources Haven't Said No

Steve Kerr is a smart man. He knows that history often has a thing for repeating itself. And as someone who personally lived through The Last Dance, I'm sure he's well aware that his days in Golden State are numbered. 

Phil Jackson went from one dynasty in Chicago right over to another in LA. So if Steve Kerr is looking to lead the next great dynasty in the NBA once his time with the Warriors is finally up, it would only make sense that he'd take over the job in Philly. And as a method actor, he is using this time to get into character. 


There's not a single NBA insider out there right now who has disputed the rumors. Not Woj. Not Shams. Not even Leroy, and he's more plugged in than anybody. So there are really only 3 options here. Either A) Steve Kerr is the next head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers men's professional basketball team. 2) Steve Kerr is getting ready to play the role of Brett Brown in the inevitable 30 For 30 on The Process. Or D) he's just trying to go into hiding so he doesn't get punched in the face by Michael Jordan again.