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NBA Twitter Quarantine Debate: Wings Edition

May as well start Friday off with a good old fashioned Twitter debate and today we're talking wings. Not just any old collection of wings, we're talking about three of some of the best two way players in the entire league. Yeah there's no Kawhi, but after him when you think of some of the best two way wings in the league, these guys are on the list. Now it's important to remember that when we do this exercise we're talking about each one of these guys right this second, in the 2019-20 season. Reputation and legacy doesn't mean dick. So, just like we always do with this topic let's dive into each guy

Start: Jayson Tatum

Stats: 23.6 points / 7.1 rebounds / 2.9 assists / 1.4 steals / 0.9 blocks / 44% FG /  39% 3P% with 2.9 3PM / 110 Ortg / 105Drtg / 2.0% STL% / 2.4 BLK%

Ohhh Greenie you're such a homer blah blah blah. Correct, but also incorrect if you're suggesting I'm starting Jayson Tatum solely because he plays for the Celtics. Here's some cold hard facts for everyone. This season, Jayson Tatum is having arguably the best two way year of any of these guys. Torches All NBA defenders on a regular basis, is the best rebounder of the group, has beyond the highest defensive win share of all three, is a lock for an All NBA team, is the best fourth quarter scorer of any of these guys while shooting 49.8/46.9%. We all saw his February right? Exactly.

Bench: Jimmy Butler

Stats: 20.2 points / 6.6 rebounds / 6.1 assists / 1.7 steals / 0.5 blocks / 45% FG /  24% 3P% with 0.5 3PM / 123 Ortg / 108 Drtg / 2.4% STL% / 1.4 BLK%

To put it simply, Jimmy Butler has been really really really fucking good in MIA. Did you know he's doing all that offensively while only taking 13.4 FGA a night? I had no idea until I looked it up for this blog. That's well below what both Tatum and George are averaging. I'd say Jimmy Butler is the most well rounded wing of the three when you combine his offense, his ability to come through in the clutch, the rebounding, and most notably the passing and assist numbers. Then you factor in his defense and there's just no way I can cut Jimmy Butler. Like Tatum he's going to most likely make an All NBA team this season, and really the only knock on him is his outside shooting. Three point shooting is not a strong suit and he's definitely taken a step back from behind the arc compared to his previous stops. However I'm willing to overlook that because of everything else he does on the floor. Plus I'm pretty sure if he caught wind that I cut him in this exercise he would track me down and beat the shit out of me. 

Cut: Paul George

Stats: 21.0 points / 5.7 rebounds / 3.9 assists / 1.3 steals / 0.5 blocks / 43% FG / 39% 3P% with 3.2 3PM / 111 Ortg / 105 Drtg / 2.2% STL% / 1.4 BLK%

As with every one of these we do, just because you're getting cut doesn't mean you stink. In fact Paul George very much does not stink. He's just not having a better season than the other two on this list. In fact just yesterday I saw Stephen A talk about how George has underachieved since leaving IND, the same Stephen A who last year said George was leading the MVP race. That was odd. I wouldn't go that far, but who would you replace him for? He's less efficient than Tatum while also being a worse rebounder and defender, same goes for Jimmy Butler. He is going to get a little boned in terms of All NBA because of his injuries, but that's a factor. The other two guys on this list essentially never get hurt. Tatum has played 59 games and Butler 54. You add it all up and there's just no logical explanation for me to put George in over any of the two above him. That's just how the cookie crumbles.

So for me, my list is

Jayson Tatum

Jimmy Butler

Paul George

As always you're more than free to yell at me on the internet, just make sure you list your order and reason why first.