I'll Build the Perfect WR...But I Won't Like It

First things first, Happy Friday.

Second things second, what kind of fast one does PFF think they're trying to pull? Picking things but without a hypothetical $15 to spend? They don't even have a price listed by Stefon Diggs route running, for crying out loud! I'm working with fucking amateurs here but the people need #pickem and thus I will #pickem. Don't ever question my commitment.

Create-A-Wide Receiver

  • Hands: Larry Fitzgerald

It's a stat I'm sure you've heard before but it's too absurd not to mention: Larry Fitzgerald has more tackles in his career than drops. And he's not coasting on yesteryear either, he's still elite with the hands:

Hopkins was a close second for me but I'm going with the old man.

  • Speed: John Ross

Hollywood Brown and Will Fuller ran 4.3 forty yard dashes but they're relative slowpokes here. Ty Hill ran a 4.29 but it was at a Pro Day. I always take those numbers with a grain of salt. John Ross ran a 4.22, the fastest time that's been measured at the combine. I know Hill's speed translates into game action because I'm going with Ross here. Hopefully this year we get to see it translate because he has a quarterback that can throw more than 11 yards downfield.

  • Route Running: Michael Thomas

Davante Adams and Amari Cooper were in tough consideration here but I'm going with the Offensive Player of the Year. I don't really care if he runs the same couple of routes because he keeps getting open and keeps catching the ball. Why mess with success? Keenan Allen should probably get an honorable mention here as well.

  • Contested catch: DeAndre Hopkins

Lmao Bill O'Brien traded this guy for a running back! Yall remember that?

I'd watch a 10-15 minute compilation of only Hopkins' contested catches. Julio is probably a close second for me but Kenny Golladay might be the answer to this a year from now. That guy is scary.

Hands: Larry Fitzgerald

Speed: John Ross

Route Running: Michael Thomas

Contested Catch: DeAndre Hopkins

I'm in shock that Odell Beckham Jr wasn't listed for any of these categories but what can ya do? Who's your perfect WR?