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'The Last Dance' Had To Use 3 Random Houses To Film In Because MJ Refused To Be Filmed Inside His Own Home

[Insider] - But the reality is, that's not his house. In fact, Jordan was interviewed in three houses for the show, and none of them were his. "The Last Dance" director Jason Hehir told Insider that Jordan refused to be interviewed in his home. Hehir said he also tried to film Jordan on his plane for a trip he took for a Nike meeting and Air Jordan nixed that idea as well.

"I looked for places that seemed like Michael might live in," said Hehir in why he chose that location. "I knew what his real house looked like and I knew this is a wealthy guy who has certain tastes, so we wanted something to match that."

"He just didn't want people to see all that," Hehir said. "I respected that so I never pushed back."

Hehir said these two houses were owned by friends of the production who granted permission for the interviews to be done.

I don't know why but I find this absolutely fascinating. Jordan, in a documentary all about him and his life and his final season with the Bulls, wanted privacy from inside his home. I guess, I understand it? Jordan doesn't want people to know what the inside of his house looks like or some shit like that, but it also just shows what The Last Dance really is. It's just been a Jordan propaganda bit. Don't get me wrong, I've loved it. But it's not showing anything really negative about Jordan. It's not really bringing up a ton of stuff, it's just more here's what happened. That's what happens when Jordan has creative control of it too. 


It's absolutely hilarious that they had to find other houses to film in though. I remember the first episode people talking about Jordan's backdrop and how awesome the house looked. Whoops! Guess it wasn't his. Although there's a 100% chance his house has a better backdrop. 

Imagine being the owner of one of these houses though. You just found your cocktail story for the rest of your life. Two truths and a lie, all those other icebreaker bullshit things, you just have the best one. Oh, my house was filmed because Michael Jordan loved it. That's the ultimate one-upper in a neighborhood where I assume everyone tries to one up each other. 

I'm just picturing Jordan's call saying he's all in on this doc but fuck using his house. Wish I could listen in on that one.