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Four Years Ago Today, Rougned Odor Cleaned Jose Bautista's Clock

Punches are thrown all the time in baseball brawls. Sadly, they don't always connect. And even the ones that do connect usually come in contact with a shoulder or someone's back, something that shows your displeasure but not as satisfying a blow as you hoped for when you cocked your fist back. That was super not the case when Rougned Odor sent Jose Bautista's glasses flying off his face, chain doing a perfect 360 around his own neck as if he had just leveled up for such a flush punch. And then before Bautista could even think about retaliating Adrian Beltre had already tossed him over his shoulder and carried him back to Toronto. Far from the most devastating blow ever delivered, but in the social media age? The meme era??? The screenshot of Odor connecting, Bautista helpless, glasses mid-flight? Catastrophic. And more than enough to make this one of the more memorable brawls. 

PS - Shoutout to the announcer for having the presence of mind to check how Rougned Odor had performed at the plate this game and dropping a, "Odor's now 2-for-5 today," after watching him deck Joey Bats.