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WWF Fridays: Here Are A Buttload Of People's Elbows

It's Friday and some nice weather has finally arrived, so I thought we could use one final jolt to get us into the weekend with the MOST ELECTRIFYING MOVE IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT TODAY. Or yesterday. Or whenever The Rock last entered the squared circle. I know WWF Fridays started as pseudo smut blogs but seeing the People's Elbow drop hit the same way, albeit in a much different part of the body. 

Bonus Power Rankings: Best Parts Of The People's Elbow

1. Take Off The Arm Band, Throw It, And Cross Arms While Pointing: The most electrifying moment of the most electrifying move in sports entertainment. The amount of camera flash bulbs that went off when a humongous man took off a tiny piece of wrestling equipment then pointed is tremendous but also shows the draw Rocky had.

2. Leg Shimmy And Actual Elbow Drop: The steak to number 1's sizzle and a hell of an electric moment in its own right. But the showmanship is a notch below, even though random remixes like this were awesome.

3. Kick Arm Of Fallen Opponent: The actual signaling of the most electrifying move almost falls into the same movement as taking off the arm band and whatnot, but sometimes The Rock would let it marinate for a while. The fact that The Rock lightly tapping someone's arm with his foot could make thousands of people get to their feet shows how incredible he was. God I miss the Attitude Era.

4. Running And Jumping Over The Opponent: A necessary but ultimately not as electrifying moment, even though that light jog would build a crescendo before The Rock plunged his elbow into an opponent's midsection that almost never led to a win but off the top of my head, I'll say its my favorite non-finishing move ever because of how preposterous it was. I reserve a right to change my mind however because I've had my kids climbing on me the entire time I've been writing this blog.