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Trevor Bauer PERFECTLY Describes The Current State Of Baseball In This 5 Tweet Thread

Trevor Bauer is sort of polarizing because of how outspoken he is, but he is 100%, without question one of my favorite athletes on the planet because of it. And it's not just that he's outspoken; it's that he has the brains to back it up. I mean the dude majored in mechanical engineering at UCLA. That's pretty incredible.

With that said, I'm going to leave this thread here: 

He sums up this situation PERFECTLY. Now I have tried to do the same in 1000 word blogs in recent days and in my opinion, failed pretty miserably in doing so. Bauer though... Bauer nails it from top to bottom.

I did however, say this a few days ago:

When a new TV deal is signed, when a new ad partner brought in, or when beer is raised by $0.50 a cup, players don't see bonuses automatically.  Maybe eventually in the open market as salaries inflate over time, but not directly. But now they expect players to bend the knee just because they want a bigger piece of the pie? Fuck outta here. It's a ridiculous double standard. 

The owners need to open their books or STFU. Either show how much money the players can/will make or GET FUCKED and abide by the deal you signed last March. Stop politicking around and going after the players wallets. It's bullshit.  

Shout out to Trevor Bauer for putting it layman's terms way easier than my dumb brain could. 

PS - leaving this here as well. The owners can either lose billions (with a B) or figure out a way to get games going ASAP