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"We Are Going to Play Football In the Fall, Even If I Have to Suit Up." — 76-Year-Old WVU President Dr. E. Gordon Gee

This is the exact energy we need from every school administrator, athletic director and conference commissioner in this country. This is the Football Guy motivation it is going to take to bring us college football in 2020.

We can work out the details later; it's May. Right now what we need is Dr. E. Gordon Gee to get on a conference call with every decision maker in the FBS and give them a pep talk to get them fired up and ready to go.

Several school presidents in the SEC have made some pretty bold claims about having football this fall, but none have volunteered to go line up out wide and run a drag across the middle like my main man Dr. Gee has — he was previously president at Ohio State, so it's easy to see where his eagerness to play this season comes from. Some folks out on the West Coast could take a page out of West Virginia's book — looking at you, USC.


And you know what? If Dr. Gee really wants to set an example, he should be allowed to get out on the field for a play in one of West Virginia's scrimmages during pre-season camp this fall. He would be the most popular septuagenarian in this country.

This got me fired up. I needed some energy like this on a Thursday afternoon. Let's play some damn college football.