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The Age Old Question Finally Answered: Roadrunner Vs. Coyote - Who Ya Got?

I'm just gonna come out and say it. That was kinda bullshit. Can I get a little more fight out of this coyote? I'm not asking for him to strap a rocket to his ass or paint the side of a rock to look shockingly just like a road. But at least give me some sort of hustle and stop lollygagging long enough to make it SEEM like you want to eat that roadrunner for dinner considering all those feathered motherfuckers have done is sully the good name of coyotes? There wasn't even any smoke coming off that roadrunner's feet as he ran! If you throw around other the names of other members of the canine family, you get respect. 

A dog is a loyal companion. A wolf is a great hunter. A fox is quick as shit. But a coyote is a goddamn dumb dumb that never had the makings of a varsity athlete and either doesn't read instruction manuals correctly or continually buys 2 star Amazon products from some bulldonkey generic brand. Be better for me one time, coyotes!

UPDATE: I tried to throw coyotes a bone with a video of them trapping and eating a roadrunner but so far, so bad.