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What Phases Of Quarantine Have You Gone Through?


During quarantine, I've realized two things are universally true- 1) nobody is happy with their living situation, and  2) everyone goes through phases. 

The living situation part is the most "grass is always greener" thing I've ever seen. People who live alone want company. People who live with a roommate want alone time. People who are single want a significant other. People who live with their significant other want to throw their significant other out of the window. Whether you are locked inside alone or with someone, at some point you are envious of the opposite. 

The other universal truth are the phases. Doing something ad nauseam then moving on to something else. Everyone I've talked to has something ridiculous they have gotten obsessed with for a short period of time during quarantine that they otherwise would never have thought of. For example, I went through a heavy M&M phase. I was eating like, 1500 calories of Peanut M&Ms a day, 4 days a week. It made no sense but it's a thing I did.

Right now I'm in the binge-watch everything phase of quarantine. It's a pretty normal phase, but I've never been much of a "watch new TV shows" guy. I've usually stuck to re-watching The Office or Breaking Bad while sprinkling in other shows here or there. Right now I'm on my 5th show in a week. I've watched:

Outer Banks (Netflix) - 8.1 Nateys

Normal People (Hulu) - 8.9 Nateys

You (Netflix) - 7.7 Nateys

Devs (Hulu) - 8.0 Nateys

And now I'm watching "Upload" (Amazon Prime). I'm absolutely burning through these shows.

But before I got to this more normal type of phase, post, my M&M phase, I had my "play online poker 12 hours a day" phase, "play Roller Coaster Tycoon 12 hours a day phase",



and my "drink a bottle of wine every night" phase", which coincided with my "eat a cheeseburger and fries for every meal" phase. 

There have been mini-phases mixed throughout too- I did some pushups and situps every day for a week in mid-April, I did a week when I cooked a new meal every day, and never forget the night I went 2 hours without looking at my phone because I wanted to become a book guy. That one was classic.

I think my next phase will be one most people have already gone through- buying a ton of shit off Amazon that I don't need. Thankfully I've never been much of a "buy useless crap" guy and my apartment is too small to really hold a bunch of junk, but if this goes on for another month, I could see myself getting a few too many things after I relapse into my "drink a bottle of wine every night" phase.

What phases have you gone through? What am I missing out on?