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Dude Comes Within A Millisecond Of Being Flattened By A Speeding Train

I have a question. Do you think the global pandemic is making people take more risks? Like are people doing weirder and crazier shit now that the world is kinda sorta ending? I think they might be. I think this whole thing has shaken everyone to their core. It's made everyone realize that life isn't always rainbows and gum drops. Before the global pandemic? Most people were out there living on easy street, myself included. It seems like for the most part things were pretty damn good (obviously the world still had problems but this thing is unprecedented) but now we're living in a completely and totally different world and maybe people are acting differently, too. 

Which brings me to that guy walking in front of that train. If there's no global pandemic no way that guy just barelyyyyyyyyyy gets out of the way of that train. If there's no global pandemic he doesn't risk it at all. He just crosses the street at an appropriate time like everybody else. But now? Why not almost get hit by a train? The world might not be here in 6 months.


Or maybe he was just drunk like Jimmy McNulty 

That's a more likely reason.