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"I Have No Other Talent" OnlyFans Model Cries In Video Begging Fans To Subscribe As She Is "An Essential Worker Too"

We've discussed OnlyFans on multiple occasions. The subscription-based website allows IG models and others to bring in some serious money with exclusive content behind a paywall for their extra horny fans. 

Most of my OnlyFans blogs have had positive tones, telling stories of success. OnlyFans isn't all fun and games, though. It's a constant job and if you aren't coming out with good content, you will lose followers. That money lost may lead to you going on your TikTok crying and begging fans to help you pay your rent. Don't believe me? Take a look at this video:

Before we get into the video, let's focus in on Billie telling us she is "an essential worker to" in the caption. I mean....I guess? I get that it's a tough time for everybody right now, but saying your work on OnlyFans is essential to society is one hell of a reach. 

“I’m losing subscribers on OnlyFans. That’s my main source of income. I can’t pay my rent anymore.”

“I can’t work. And even if I was to go back to work, what am I supposed to do, go work at a strip club?” Beever asks. “They’re all closed down as well. They’re all closed. All the strip clubs are closed. You can’t even be close to someone because of social distancing.

When we think of those who are losing their job due to the coronavirus, I think of service workers at places like baseball stadiums or movie theatres among others. My mind didn't go straight to those who work at a strip club. Social distancing guidelines must be a KILLER for strip clubs and their workers. Just a terrible time for everyone. Pain.

“I have nothing else going for me. I have no other talent. I’ve got nothing else. I can’t dance, I can’t sing, I can’t do anything. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do. I just want everything to go back to normal so people can keep subscribing,”

Well, yeah, Billie. We all want things to go back to normal. I don't feel that way because I want your OnlyFans subscribers to go back to normal, but that would definitely be an unintended benefit. I'm all for stimulating the world economy, even through OnlyFans subscriptions. Let the free market strive, baby!

It's unclear how many subscribers Billie has at this moment, but I can't be the only one who believes she may be working us a little. I'm not mad at her for coming up with this plan, instead impressed. She got her name out there more than any other OnlyFans model this past week and I'm sure SIMP nation is going to come in and support her in any way they can. 

This was actually a great strategy the more I think about it. Big brain stuff. The question is whether or not she did this intentionally to gain subscribers or this was a genuine moment. Either way, this was another great reminder to me that coronavirus has affected everybody…including OnlyFans models, even though subscriptions are up 30-40% since quarantine started.