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MUST WATCH: This Is The Drunkest Pig I've Ever Seen In My Life

We here at Barstool Sports [dot] com are all about the facts. As journalists, it is our duty to deliver you the news right down the middle. No agendas, no bullshit, no nothing. Just straight facts. And the fact of the matter right here is that this pig is fucking turnt up. I mean just absolutely obliterated. About as #InOne as I've ever seen. 

And we've all been there before. Maybe you forgot to eat before you started getting after it. Maybe those first few shots didn't hit you ask quick as they normally do so you go a little overboard and it all hits you at once. Or maybe you just had a long ass week and you were ready to get so fucked up that you could tire roll down a hill and still be lights out. All I know is this pig got after it and she was fucking sloshed. 

Might need a whole plate or 7 of some extra greasy bacon in the morning to get rid of that hangover. 

P.S. - Love when the guy behind the camera says "c'mere girl" as he just launched her down the hill. As if she's going wake up and respond real quick. Shit the bed almighty.