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An Ari Gold Spinoff?? That's Something Jeremy Piven Told Me He's DEFINITELY Interested In

I want to run through a wall.

I know Glenny has been on top of these rumors. But the more noise about this, the better imo. Silence is NOT fucking golden here, Lloyd. 

In case you have missed me say it a million (annoying) times, I'm obsessed with Entourage. I've watched the entire series all the way through an embarrassing amount of times... (ahem, literally almost 30*). Yes, I've counted, Yes, I have a problem. The first step is admitting it. 

*after a while, it can be on in the background and just be the soundtrack to your life, you know? It's the kind of show that you can just listen to and be happy. Don't judge me until you try it. 

So when JP reached out about an Ari spinoff maaaaybbbe being in the works and if that's something the Barstool audience might be interested in, I couldn't say yes fast enough. 

RIP Bob Ryan (Martin Landau)

Of course the Barstool audience would be interested in more Ari. I'm not convinced there is a human on earth who has ever seen one second of Entourage would be like "meh, I'm good." So we decided to get this train rolling. I also decided hearing it from his voice would be more persuasive than mine and BANG, we got the man himself speaking to the Barstool audience. 

Ari Gold is THE best character in TV history and I won't hear otherwise. In a time where everything is sooooo shitty, we all need our guy back hugging it out with Lloyd. And we need it ASAP. 

The glory days, man. 

If you can watch that and not be hyped up for an Ari return, I'm not sure you have a soul. I think I can speak for all Entourage fans and say its time to get this train rolling, baby. 

Do the right thing, Wahlberg. Bring Ari back. He will come back stronger than ever. Like Lance Armstrong, but with two balls.