Yes Or No - Is This A Trick Question?

I don't want to make a huge deal out of this but me Chief and WSD went on JeffDLowe's trivia show today and I think we got absolutely fucking hosed. I'm only one man though so I'll let you decide. 

Bottom of the 11th inning, tie game with us 3 meatheads staring down the barrel of a Rocky 4 level upset. Juices are flowing. Testosterone is spiking. ExpressVPN is giving out great deals. Everything is up for fucking grabs when JDL drops this bomb: 

Who did the Houston Texans select first in the 2002 NFL Expansion Draft?

All 3 of us instantly said David Carr, final answer. Can you blame us for reading that as the expansion Houston Texans 1st draft pick there? Can you say that's a valid late inning question ESPECIALLY considering the level of detail in the top half of the round? 

What fellow AFC North player did Jamal Lewis take the single-game rushing record from in the 2003 season?

I've made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that have posed greater challenges than that question. To be so thorough and simple that late in the game - I had no choice but to assume our question would be just as easy. Even more so because we were instructed that the questions will be of similar difficulty each round. So fuckin sue me for lowering my guard - all telltale signs of a TRICK QUESTION. 


And therein lies the controversy. Some people are saying the late circumstances dictate a greater focus and we rushed our answer. Another group thinks we were duped by the trivia veterans. Either way I think we can all agree it's good for the integrity of the show that we talk about this and not the time in the 4th inning when the rules suddenly changed to accommodate first-name answers only? 

I expected some home cooking from the trivia officials when the game started. I just didn't think it would come so cheap and easy to our opponents. 

Until next time

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