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Urban Meyer's Son Is Giving Up Playing College Baseball To Walk-On To Cincinnati's Football Team And Begin His Pursuit Of Coaching

Congratulations, Nate!!!! Very well deserved and I'm glad you're taking the first small step (but really a giant leap) into what will one day be a VERY successful career in coaching football. I know that giving up your hard-earned baseball scholarship was probably one of the tougher decisions of your life, but this is a move that sets you up for an incredible future. Learning from someone with such an accomplished coaching and playing pedigree like Luke Fickell will do wonders in the long-run. And I wouldn't be suprised if Nate finds himself on the field more than everyone thinks. Never count a Meyer boy out. I learned that against Wisconsin, Alabama, and Oregon with our 3rd string quarterback in 2015.

Speaking of Coach, for a family man like Urban Meyer, who shown time and time again that he is, this has to be a proud day for Papa. Nate wants to be just like his old man. Is there a better feeling than that?

Hey, here's a hypothetical for you gamblers out there:

Who will win more career games at the NCAA Division 1 level, Mark Stoops or Nate Meyer?

Stoops is currently 44-44 and the head coach at Kentucky, and Nate is a junior in college at Cincinnati with zero coaching experience. BUT, Stoops is 52 years old and has to compete in the SEC year in and year out. Nate will likely become a GA at a top tier program (perhaps Ohio State?) right out of college. And I'm assuming he climbs the ladder quickly. Position coach by 25. Coordinator by 30. Is he leading a middle of the pack program like Penn State or Auburn by 32 years old? Or does he wait until a prestigious school like Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama or.....well that's it....opens up?  

I think Meyer is the answer here. The kid is going to RACK UP wins for a very, very long time. It's just like how I'd take Bronny James to score more career points in the NBA than Trey Burke. Sure, Burke is in the league already, but Bronny will certainly be one day and he'll be in a much more advantageous position.

I think a better question would be: who is going to win more career games at the NCAA Division 1 level, Nate Meyer or Tom Herman?

Tom is currently 47-19 and the head coach at Texas, and once again, Nate is a junior walk-on at Cincinnati. I'll tell you this: at only 44 years old, Tom has the opportunity to bring Texas back and win a lot of games there. But if he continues his downward trend there and posts another 7-5 season, what happens next? 

Anyways, we don't need to put too much pressure on Coach Meyer Jr. right now. Congrats to Nate and the Meyers on this incredible news. Truly happy for the family that has made me so happy over the years.

Readers: please keep the negative comments to yourself. Don't be like Mickey93004375.

Thanks, Mickey. I really do like your raccoon profile picture, and I'm sure your two followers do as well.

And what exactly should Nate do here? Turn down the opportunity? Yeah, he was dealt a great hand and he's doing a damn good job of playing it.