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Man Finds Out Wife Cheated On Him When DNA Tests Show Newborn Twins Have TWO Different Fathers


A Chinese man is left stunned after finding out that his twin babies have two fathers.

The parent, who remains unidentified, made the shocking discovery after taking the newborns to undergo a DNA test as part of the standard procedure to register their births in China, a DNA analyst told reporters.

The man was astounded upon receiving the test results which indicated that his wife also had sex with someone other than him, Chinese media report.

Deng Yajun, the practitioner who produced the paternity report, said that the chance for such case to happen is one in 10 million.

Whoa (sidenote - absolutely shocked to find out that whoa is actually spelled whoa and not woah, crazy times we live in)

Arguably the worst way to find out you've been cheated on is in the delivery room or via a DNA test. Spending nine months with your partner, preparing for the birth of your child then *BOOM* you find out you are not the father. Yet, you are kind of the father? One of the babies if yours but the other isn't. Are you supposed to be happy that you're a father or angry that you're wife cheated on you? This situation is just all sorts of confusing.

Kind of wild to think that if DNA tests weren't a standard procedure in China, this family would never know. They would've grown up as happy as can be without suspecting a thing. Sure, one would've looked different but that could've just been chalked up to "not all twins are identical" or some bs like that. Never in a million years would the father, the kids, or even the mother would know that the twins had two different fathers.


This whole ordeal just makes me wonder how many twins are out there in a similar situation but don't know it and will never find out. Sure the chances of it happening are "one in 10 million" but if it's happened once it has definitely happened before. It's just bananas to think that there are definitely twins out there right now who have been raised by someone who they thought was their father but really isn't. I guess that's the same thing with any love child. Hell, anyone of us could've been switched at birth or just been raised by someone who totally isn't our real parent and we'd have no idea. No idea whatsoever.

My biggest question is what are these kids supposed to think of each other? Do they hate each other? Are they constantly arguing about whose dad can beat up the other? I just don't really know how the whole dynamic of being twins with different fathers works. If it were me I'd act nice around my 'twin' but talk all the shit behind his back. 

PS - this DNA test reveal would've made an all time jerry springer episode