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Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Bryan Cranston, And A Bunch Of Actors/Comedians Teamed Up To Perform A Stirring Rendition Of Weird Al's "Eat It" To Get Us Through These Uncertain Times

You know what guys? For the first time since we entered this upside down world, I finally feel like things are going to be alright. I'm not sure if it was when Saul Goodman's dickhead brother was going down the menu, Bryan Cranston started yelling at me for not touching my tuna casserole, or Sarah Silverman double dipping in her second pandemic sing-a-long. But my soul is finally at rest. Music truly is a universal language and the word of the day was "Hope" broadcasted through the magical lyrics written by a man we call Weird Al and a bunch of people who are better than me since I watch them on a screen. Now the healing can begin.

In all seriousness, I loved that parody just because of how preposterous the original video was, which only grows more by the day. I can't wait to show my kids the "Imagine" video when they were older and ask why 2020 was so fucking weird then explain how that video was filmed like a week after all the bullshit hit the fan when some of us still had a slight grip on reality, hopes that it would another hot boy summer instead of a spring of walking to and from the fridge, and the entire country wasn't arguing about wearing masks in public during a pandemic.

Imagine indeed, Gal. Imagine indeed.

This video is still the GOAT though: