Leaked Sex Tape Of Hot Brazilian Actress Turns Out To Be An "Always" Commercial To Sell Tampons

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BF - Earlier this month, this clip of what appeared to be a sex tape featuring Brazilian television personality Sabrina Sato appeared on social media.The 18-second video shows Sato getting out of bed……And walking to the door before the video cuts to black.

The original video was pulled down after a few hours, but users were already putting bootlegs of it back up on YouTube.
The next day, however, the full video was uploaded to Always Brazil’s YouTube channel. And it turned out to be part of a larger tampon commercial.

In the ad, Sato explains that the whole thing was actually a stunt to raise awareness about the dangers of revenge porn. Sato talks about Always’ quest to stop “leaks.” Then the ad features two real victims of revenge porn.

Many Twitter users are applauding the message, but feel conflicted about filming fake revenge porn to raise awareness about real revenge porn.

“an intimate footage is not like period, that leaks on its own, @Always! a guy doesn’t get into my uterus to take the blood out of it! assholes share the video!!!”

“rape culture being promoted on a campaign allegedly against rape culture. we are keeping an eye on it.”



Always has a lot of nerve pulling a stunt like to sell some god damn tampons. A LOT of nerve.  Tricking everybody into thinking they’re about to see home hot ass Brazilian celebrity have sex on camera, sitting by their computers clicking refresh for days on end waiting for it, then finding out it was all just a 1 minute clip for feminine products to stop vaginal blood flow.  Bruuuuutal let down, especially for all the Brazilians who know who this chick is.  I mean I’ve never heard her name in my life and even I was excited.  Like I’ve been saying for years, when it comes to sex tapes I don’t care if you’re an A-list celebrity or Z-list.  Hell I don’t care if you’re a celebrity at all.  Just present something as a “sex tape” and I’m all in on watching, it’s basically in a guy’s DNA, hardwired in there since the cavemen.

And don’t let Always fool you, they have no interest in taking a stand against “revenge porn” or making some sort of social statement.  This is viral marketing plain and simple.  They wanted everyone talking about their tampons and to quote George Bush, mission accomplished.


PS – Always knows that like 99.9% of celebrity sex tapes are leaked by the celebrities themselves to get relevant right?


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Sabrina Sato Playboy (NSFW)