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This Husky Belting Out A Tune With His Pal Is The Thursday Pick-Me-Up You Need

Beautiful. Just beautiful. What a special duet. Every day it becomes clearer and clearer that I should have a dog with me during quarantine. The reason I don't have one in the first place is because it's hard to have a dog in NYC and I'm at the office all the time and I travel quite a bit so it doesn't make a ton of sense. But you know what I haven't been doing during quarantine? Going to the office and traveling. The two biggest reasons I don't have a dog have been wiped out by the pandemic so now I'm just sitting alone in my apartment like an asshole when I could've had a dog for the past couple of months. We've could've been belting out tune just like that guy and his husky. Sad. 

By the way I feel like that husky has seen some shit. That husky wasn't singing about gum drops and waterfalls and how the world is a wonderful place. That husky was singing the blues like Muddy Waters and B.B. King. He's gotta be a rescue because those notes came from the depths of that husky's soul. Here's to hoping that singing is therapeutic for that pup.