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Dr. Phil Would Like To Know What A "SIMP" Is

S - Seriously

I  - Important

M - Medical

P - Personnel

Just like you, Phil. In all honesty, I'm sure most of you know, but 'Simp' actually stands for 'suckaz idolizing mediocre pussy.' Which is about as cringeworthy an acronym as it gets. It's also not completely accurate. The way I see it, simps are just submissive guys. They'll do anything to win over a woman no matter how demeaning or embarrassing it may be. They're basically nerdy cucks and if you disagree you can cash me outside, howbow dah?

Shout out to Dr. Phil for staying up on social media during quarantine. If you want to remain relevant you have to speak the language of the youth. Keep at it, Phil. You'll get there eventually...