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Have You Ever Wanted To Master DREAM CONTROL? Well Professor Jose Canseco Is Going To Be Teaching Seminars For The Public

What's the best class you've ever taken? Mine personally is 'The History of the Super Bowl' taught by this guy Dennis Deninger at Syracuse. It was a rare class where you learned a ton and were actually excited to show up everyday. Easiest A I've ever gotten in my life. Well no offense to DD but what I learned from him doesn't scratch the surface of the importance of Dream Control with Jose Canseco. 

Dream control is not something I was aware I needed to master 20 minutes ago, but since I saw Canseco's tweet I can't stop thinking about it. Real life blows. The real fun is in your dreams and Jose is going to guide is in the arts. 

This sounds like combination of The Matrix and Inception and I'm all in. Dream life is the future and I wouldn't want anyone but Jose Canseco leading us down this path to freedom. What else have you been doing during quarantine? Nothing more important than mastering the arts of dream control I'll tell ya that much. 


Looks like Jose is prepared to give us a quick preview of what we'll learn during the seminar. 


No joke I've often wondered what it'd be like to realize I was dreaming and just start doing things with unlimited power. It seems Canseco has mastered the arts and is ready to share. Is this how we beat corona? Just peace out from the real world and open the door to dream life? I'm so in. Where do I enroll? Let me in!

Let's just hope Bigfoot and aliens can't get coronavirus.

We need our Dream Control professor in tip top shape if we're going to become pros at this.