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Let's Get Gronk vs Enes Kanter At Wrestlemania: WWE Already Offered A Contract To Enes Kanter For When He Retires From The NBA

Hell yeah, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Let's get Enes out there in the wrestling world. The dude deserves it with all the shit he put up with Turkey alone, but also he just really fucking loves wrestling. He legendarily came out as the Undertaker during Big Blue Madness 

I know that year gave us Jorts, but I'm still so mad he wasn't allowed to play after the entrance. But sticking to his wrestling career here because that's what this is all about. He then went on to win the 24/7 title last year at MSG and went heel with the Celtics jersey. Not gonna lie, that one stung as an Enes guy.

The moment Kanter turned on the Knicks, we turned on him. I’ve talked about it before, but when Kentucky had roughly 80% of the NBA population, you have to pick and choose who you support. You join the Celtics, I cheer against you. So I’m cheering against Kanter right now.

But back to wrestling. He already has his nickname as Enes the Menace 

And now he apparently has a contract for when he retires from the NBA. That's AWESOME. Sure he'll be old. But let's not lie. Give us Karl Malone vs Dennis Rodman and let us have Gronk vs Enes Kanter. Why not? Make it a bit match in the middle of Wrestlemania 45 or whatever. We know they both love wrestling and I mean they LOVE wrestling. We know all about Gronk. But this has to happen. Enes probably will have a lame finishing move, but it's still worth it. Hell I saw Edge vs Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell live and that was AWESOME. Finishing moves? Spear (Gronk) vs the Tombstone (probably Kanter's).