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Samuel L. Jackson Has Apparently Been Dethroned As The Movie Curse Word King

(always fun writing a late night blog scheduling it for the morning and the shitty website just publishes it on its own at 3am)

When you think of unbreakable records what comes to mind? DiMaggio's hitting streak, Ripken's consecutive games played, Gretzky's career points. Well what about Samuel L. Jackson's career curse word record? Seemingly an unbreakable number if you ask me given how we associate the word 'motherfucker' with him more than anyone in the world. I feel like he's said 'motherfucker' more than I've said the word 'I' in my life. According to a study done by Buzz Bingo, Jonah Hill has somehow dethroned the king and it's left me speechless. 

Jackson only being at 301 seems low no? That being said, this website Buzz Bingo dedicates themselves to only this so I'll take their word for it. If I find out they're lying or incorrect I will have no choice but to seek vengeance on them in this life or the next. 

Jonah Hill apparently surpassed Jackson after Wolf of Wall Street, which the website discovered to be the new curse word movie champion at 715, which topped Uncut Gems' 646 and Casino's 606. Those numbers seem accurate at least. 

Jonah took to Instagram to acknowledge what an honor it is to be the new curse word king. 

What world are we living in where Sam Jackson isn't the motherfucking king? Not mine I'll tell ya that much. I think I need Samuel to do a movie or two where he curses the whole time just so he takes back what is rightfully his. We can't let the man retire being number 3 behind Leo and Jonah. I won't allow it. No more animation cartoon movies my friend. We've got a score to settle. 

We'll end the blog with Jackson doing what he does best.