BOWLING! Texas Tech Earns Win No. 6 in 50-32 Drubbing Over Kansas State

Not every game can be a thriller.

Not every game can be filled with crazy highlights.

Tonight was one of those nights. However, Coach Duggs still got the job done and moved Texas Tech's (6-2, 4-1) winning streak to four with a 50-32 win at Kansas State.

QB Gunnar Wesson continued his rollercoaster ride of a season. He brought the highest of highs...


... Along with the lowest of lows...

But the biggest storyline from this game was Coach Duggs calling out Kansas State for just... flat out... being..... trash.

This was when the Red Raiders led by 11, and then, of course, KSU crawled right back into it and made it a four-point game. But coach Duggs got the last laugh, putting up yet ANOTHER burger during this solid winning streak.


Now it's all about tomorrow night vs. No 14 TCU for TTU, where FIRST place in the Big 12 is on the line. Watch here: