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The Fast Food Wheel Of Destiny May Be The Greatest Thing To Come Out Of Quarantine And Will Save Countless Relationships

One of the indisputable truths of life is that everything is better when a giant wheel decides your fate. It's the reason why the Showcase Showdown is Must Watch every time it's on and the reason Wheel Of Fortune has survived all these years despite Pat Sajak having the charisma of glue. 

But when you have something as important as that night's dinner on the line, it reaches another level. Gone are the days of arguing about what to eat or not being able to decide after going through all the menus in your house with your wife girlfriend roommate (wink wink). You don't even have to buy what the wheel chooses for you. Once you spin that wheel, your roommate that can NEVER decide where they want to get their food that will most likely be a salad anyway will know where they hope that arrow lands, which can then allow you to order that delicious food and shove it down your throat. All because of a remodeled kids toy. God bless American ingenuity for getting us all through this difficult time.