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That Moment When You're Daring People To Come Fight You And You Fall Outta The Truck




Alright, so we found him.  Call of the search.  We found the biggest pussy in the world.  It would’ve been bad enough if he’d just run away, got into the truck and we never saw him again.  That’s a pussy move but not too bad.  Some people just don’t actually wanna fight.  That’s totally fine.  But then to be daring people to fight you from the back of a truck that’s driving away makes him the biggest pussy of all time.  Just a ridiculous move.  You can’t be yelling, “Let’s fight! Let’s do this!” as the vehicle you’re in is speeding away from everyone.  I’m glad he fell.   I really am. He deserved it. Karma coming back around real real quick on him  Everybody would’ve been fine if he broke his neck too.  Then, like that all wasn’t already enough, you can hear him being like, “Alright, I admit.  That was funny” after he fell outta the truck.  Sorry man.  Too late to make amends.  You’re a huge pussy.  It’s actually funnier that the mob of people didn’t just fuck’em up and leave him there.  I love how the one guy just trips him and that’s it.  A sad display.  Maybe the saddest display.