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I Microwave My Raisin Bran For 5-10 Seconds Before Eating And I Realize I Have a Problem

It's not great, I understand this. I don't tell people to microwave Raisin Bran and argue it's the right way to live your life. It's just something I did all through high school and college. It's only when I eat Raisin Bran, but I'm not sure if that helps. It probably doesn't but I eat Fruit Loops and Reese's Puffs normally with just milk and the cereal at normal temperature. For Raisin Bran I prefer it soggy so in order to not waste time waiting for it to sog I throw it in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. I still go cereal first, then milk, but then add microwave as a third step. The milk doesn't get hot, just a tad warm and the Raisin Bran gets the way I want it. I don't have an explanation for my actions and I'm sorry to those I've offended. Should I be thrown in jail? It's been suggested, but until an officer shows up with a warrant I will not be turning myself in. I refuse. 

It's been like five years since I've done this since. I don't really eat breakfast anymore unless I'm out to a diner and there I'll get chocolate chip pancakes because I'm still a child. I truly might find this gross now but the damage is done. I wonder if doing this so much as a kid took years off my life. My guess would be yes. 

I'm sorry Withers.