Sign this Petition to Send Hubbs Directly to Prison

Jail might not be strong enough. We might need to send Hubbs' ass to GUANTANOMO for life. Rogers P. Microwave did not lend his surname to his finest invention for it to be used to heat up cereal at a rapid speed. What's the rush? Throw the cereal in the oven! Fire up the smoker! Hell, toss 'em in the dryer if you need your Cheerios piping hot you madman!  

It gets worse because his supporters have come out to picket for their protagonist:

Well what the hell was the cold milk doing to it and what kind of "milk" is our friend Lebron B. here drinking??

Maybe he means like a warm cereal? A porridge or grits or oatmeal??? Maybe Mush misheard things because he's.....well, Mush. I want to hear him out and give Hubbs a chance to explain himself but on the other hand, I would hope that man doesn't use his one phone call from prison to elaborate. Guess I'll have to wait for the Short Porch smh.


At least he admits that it's bad. That counts for something, I guess.