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Guy Talks Mad Shit To A Possum That's On His Fence



Hey man!  Take it easy!  Possums have feelings too, ya know.  Ruthless.  What did that possum ever do to you?  Oh it sat on your fence and didn’t hurt anybody?  Just minded it’s own business?  Sorry man.  I’m 110% on the possum’s side here.  Team Possum or GTFO.  Not sure how you couldn’t be.  The guy with the camera is the weirdo.  Yelling at a possum that’s just chillin on his fence.  Possums gonna possum.  They’re gonna crawl along your fence and shit.  And to the guy, maybe work on your disses bro instead of going back to the same ones over and over again.  I’ll admit, the part about the tail looking like a broom got me.  But he went back to the runny nose slam too many times.  It’s like in a freestyle rap battle when one guy just keeps saying, “Uh yeah, yeah uh, uh yeah” over and over again until people just get uncomfortable.  The only thing that would’ve made that video better was if the possum attacked the guy at the end.  A man (and I’m assuming a possum) can only take so much abuse before he snaps.