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3 Months After Prison Release, Former WWE Superstar Sunny Is Making Mid 6-Figures On OnlyFans

Born in the mid-90s, I did not experience Sunny's run in WWE. In my research for this blog, it appears that Sunny was definitely a WWE superstar that helped out a lot of young men in their steps towards puberty & maturity. That fact checks out after watching some videos and seeing pictures of Sunny. 


I do remember Sunny being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2011. What I didn't know about was her constant issues with the law. Thanks to multiple issues (DUIs, not following probation rules), Sunny has spent time in jail on multiple occasions. Her most recent time in the slammer was in 2019 to before being released on February 25th, 2020. To her credit, she immediately got back to work thanks to a lil thing called OnlyFans. 

In the past, Sunny had to outsource her work. She infamously released a porn in 2016 titled "Sunny Side Up Through The Back Door." Although that is an amazing name, she still had to work with a company to produce it. But now? She works for herself and is making BANK. 

SOURCE-Sunny has an Only Fans account with various pricing options for different membership lengths. She doesn’t get the entire $29.99 monthly subscription price. Only Fans takes a 20% cut. She still has 798 fans. Some of them likely signed up with different subscription plans.

Even if every subscriber Sunny has signed up for the lowest subscription plan of $134.96 per 1/2 a year, her Only Fans is racking in $215,396 a year. If each of her subscribers is paying per month then she is making $287,184.24 a year. That being said, her yearly number should fall somewhere between those two figures minus 20%.

So let's say she brings in 225k. That's from an article that was written when she had 798 fans. At the time of this blog? She has 1.9k fans. 

If we take that 225k number and multiply it by 2.38 (1900/798=2.38), Sunny is now over halfway to 1 million (535k). The power of horny wrestling fans is massive. 

Welcome to a new age of "porn." OnlyFans has completely flipped the game on it's head. Out with the old, in with the new. The game is constantly changing. Never forget that.