Major GOATS Surprise Residents Of Suburban Neighborhood During Quarantine

It's not clickbait if the story's still fun right?!? And hey, since you're already in here... Let's go!

Oh man, there's so many I have to capitalize it in this case... Look at all these GOATS!!!  A major amount of them! Like what appears to be hundreds of them on the loose, unexpectedly running through a neighborhood near San Jose, CA while handlers desperately try to round them up:


The clippy-cloppy sound of all those hooves on the pavement was nutty. Big thanks to Zach, the gent who captured the video & Tweeted it out, for taking the time to answer some questions for me on this one. 

…it happened in San Jose. The goats come by our back hill once a year to eat dead grass because they used to use a tractor until one year it hit a rock and caught the whole hill on fire. 

The goats eat anything green and they hopped up on our neighbors fence which broke a hole in it, and next thing you know they’re in the front yard eating everything in sight. 

They were all rounded up in like 5 minutes but everyone had to spend the next hour or so picking up their poop.

In closing I second what Zach mentions at the end of his tweet thread. If you've been looking for an org to help folks out during the current economic tailspin visit Feeding America. They've been helping communities with emergency food boxes, drive-through pantries and plans for long term support during COVID-19. If you donate you'll be the GOAT! (get it?!)