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Johnny Dickshot Had a Nickname When He Played Major League Baseball. Can You Guess it?

Nicknames are a big part of Major League Baseball. Maybe it's because the regular season is long and nicknames are born out of time and experience. You can't rush a nickname because if you do, it won't always stick. It's a hit or miss thing, there's no in-between. And it's got to come from someone else, you can't give yourself a nickname, which would be right up there with liking your own tweets...

Johnny Dickshot was an outfielder who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1936 to 1938, the New York Giants in '39, and the Chicago White Sox from '44 to '45. In his final season, he batted .302, had 147 hits, 19 doubles, 10 triples, 58 RBIs, 18 stolen bases, and 13 outfield assists. 

During his baseball career, he was tagged with a nickname that he inadvertently gave himself. Use your imagination, but whatever you do, don't cheat and Google him (especially with young children in the room!), and put your best guess in the comments. I'll update with his nickname in 24 hours. 

Here's a list of some of my favorite MLB nicknames beginning with Johnny.


Some of My Favorite MLB Nicknames

Johnny Dickshot/????

Walt Williams/ No-Neck

Willie Mays/ The Say Hey Kid

Willie McCovey/ Stretch

Mark McGwire/ Big Mac

Willie Stargell/ Pops

Carl Yastrzemski/ Yaz

David Ortiz/ Big Papi

Alex Rodrigues/ A-Rod

                                                       Dennis Boyd/ Oil Can Boyd

Randy Johnson/ Big Unit

Frank Thomas/ Big Hurt

Ernie Banks/ Mr. Cub

Reggie Jackson/ Mr. October

Ted Williams/ Teddy Ballgame, The Splendid Splinter

Mariano Rivera/ Mo, Sandman

Jimmy Wynn/ Toy Cannon

Ozzie Smith/ The Wizard

Aaron Judge/ All Rise

Pete Rose/ Charlie Hustle

Leroy Paige/ Satchel

Lawrence Berra/ Yogi

                                                      George Herman Ruth/ Babe

James Bell/ Cool Papa Bell

Fred McGriff/ Crime Dog

Noah Syndergaard/ Thor

Gary Maddox/ The Secretary of Defense

Mike Hargrove/ The Human Rain Delay

Jose Bautista/ Joey Bats

Ron Cey/ The Penguin

Francisco Lindor/ Mr. Smile

Brooks Robinson/ The Human Vacuum Cleaner, Mr. Hoover

Ricky Hendersen/ Man of Steal

Don Mossi/ Ears

Phil Rizzuto/ The Scooter

Stan Musial/ Stan The Man

Lou Gehrig/ The Iron Horse

Cal Ripken Jr./ Ironman

Harry Simpson/ Suitcase

Edward Ford/ Whitey

                                                             Bill Lee/ Spaceman

Honus Wagner/ The Flying Dutchman

Jim Grant/ Mudcat

Jim Hunter/ Catfish

Mark Fidrych/ The Bird

Denton Young/ Cy

Albert Lyle/ Sparky

George Anderson/ Sparky

Walter Johnson/ Big Train

Ty Cobb/ The Georgia Peach

Lewis Wilson/ Hack

Clarence Arthur Dean/ Dazzy

Jay Hanna Dean/ Dizzy

Hank Aaron/ Hammerin' Hank

Elijah Jerry Green/ Pumpsie

Bob Turley/ Bullet Bob

Charlie Keller/ King Kong

Dave Kingman/ King Kong

Frank Baker/ Home Run

Bill Skowron/ Moose

Don Mattingly/ Donnie Baseball

Orlando Cepeda/ The Baby Bull

Orlando Hernandez/ El Duque

Edwin Snyder/ Duke

Harold Henry Reese/ Pee Wee

Russell Earl Dent/ Bucky ("Bucky Fucking Dent" if you're from Boston)

Roger Clemens/ Rocket

William Haywood Wilson/ Mookie

Markus Lynn Betts/ Mookie

Al Hrabosky/ The Mad Hungarian

Dick Stuart/ Dr. Strangeglove

Leo Durocher/ The Lip

Joe Dimaggio/ Joltin' Joe, The Yankee Clipper

Carlton Fisk/ Pudge

Jimmy Foxx/ Double X

Richard Gossage/ Goose

Robert Grove/ Lefty

                                                       Joe Jackson/ Shoeless Joe

Walter Johnson/ The Big Train

Greg Maddux/ Mad Dog, The Professor

Tom Seaver/ Tom Terrific

Johnnie Baker/ Dusty

Larry Wayne Jones/ Chipper

Ryan Klesko/ Rhino

                                                       Bob Uecker/ Mr. Baseball

John Powell/ Boog

Dom DiMaggio/ The Little Professor

Andre Dawson/ The Hawk

Sammy Sosa/ Slammin' Sammy

Mitch Williams/ Wild Thing

Don Zimmer/ Zip, Gerbil, Popeye

Sam McDowell/ Sudden Sam

Miguel Cabrera/ Miggy

Lou Whitaker/ Sweet Lou

Lou Piniella/ Sweet Lou

Jeff Bagwell/ Bags

                                                         Nolan Ryan/ The Express

Joe Morgan/ Little Joe

Freddie Patek/ The Flea

Mike Trout/ The Millville Meteor

Don Drysdale/ Big D

Fernando Valenzuela/ El Toro

Harmon Killebrew/ Killer

Andres Galarraga/ The Big Cat

Tim Raines/ Rock

Donald Dyer/ Duffy

Dwight Gooden/ Doc

Harry Leroy Halladay/ Doc

Ron Guidry/ Louisiana Lightning

Hideki Matsui/ Godzilla

Johnny Lee Odom/ Blue Moon

Dave Parker/ Cobra

David Keith Stewart/ Smoke

Tom Gordon/ Flash

Greg Luzinski/ The Bull

                                                Shane Victorino/ The Flyin' Hawaiin

Bill Madlock/ Mad Dog

Pablo Sandoval/ Panda

Aubrey Huff/ Huff Daddy

Al Oliver/ Scoop

David Wells/ Boomer

George Scott/ Boomer

Maurice Vaughn/ Mo, The Hit Dog

Max Scherzer/ Mad Max

Aroldis Chapman/ Cuban Missile

Bryce Harper/ Mondo, Bam-Bam

Brock Holt/ Brock Star

Andrew Benintendi/ Benny, Benny Biceps, Benny Baseball

                                                            Rich Garces/ El Guapo

Dustin Pedroia/ Pedey, Laser Show

Steve Lyons/  Psycho

Will Clark/ Will the Thrill

Octavio Victor Rojas/ Cookie

Forrest Burgess/ Smokey

Johnny Damon/ The Caveman

Dick Radatz/ The Monster

                                                         Covelli Loyce Crisp/ Coco