This Dude Has Spent Quarantine Building A Real Life Iron Man Suit That Shoots Laser Beams

TikTok is an unbelievably confusing place that I do not understand and probably never will. It's the first social media app that has alerted me I'm too old for this shit and I'm only 26. It's just filled with everyone doing the exact same three dances the exact same way and boom you have hundreds of thousands of followers. I don't get it. Anyways, here and there you get a few genuinely interesting people on TikTok who are funny (shout out Ria and Big Ev) or are doing cool shit. Enter Techmaster_2020. 

This motherfucker has been building a real life Iron Man suit during quarantine. Well, he's been doing it for eight years, but has really been picking up the pace while being locked inside because what else does he have to do? Dude's got real armor, a suit that opens and closes for you to enter and leave, an actual arc reactor, missiles that fly off his arm, and a laser beam out of his hand. He's actually Tony Stark. Look at some of this shit. 


Here he is casually blowing shit up.


He even has his studio turn on like Tony's did. 

Now he's onto flame throwers…

That's some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen. When you leave a movie like Iron Man or Batman you wish you could become these people and build some crazy shit in our basements to escape the miserable lives we all have. This guy did that! Now are the FBI, CIA, CTU, and SHIELD going to come knocking on his door any minute now? Yeah, probably, but hey these videos were awesome while they lasted. Probably shouldn't have put any of these on social media for everyone to see, but I also understand how hard it'd be not tell everyone you're a modern day Tony Stark. 

Also, what the fuck does this mean? Is he building a goddamn time machine in his spare time? Dude's trying to bring back Thanos and fight him.