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OF COURSE The NFL Replay System Went Down During A Thanksgiving Game Because Someone Blew A Fuse Plugging In A Microwave

[Source] - "We took the microwave and plugged it in, but they plugged it into the same outlet, the same circuit that the replay system was plugged into," Blandino said. "So when they turned the (microwave) on the whole thing went down. So we were down for maybe like two minutes while they fixed it while the game was going on."

This is the least shocking thing of all time right? First off you have Dean Blandino running around in charge? That's just asking for trouble. Dave once called him Diamond Dean Blandino and honestly it's a shame he doesn't go by that at all times. He needs to act like DDP. 

Second, I assume everyone that works in the replay section at a stadium looks like the Super Fans in a way. 

The moment that guy saw some leftovers and a microwave this thing was over. There was a 100% chance he was plugging that in and heating up as much stuffing as possible. But how the hell did it blow a fuse/take down the replay system? Simple answer, look at where the game was played: 

Luckily, the replay system was restored without incident, and Detroit went on to beat Minnesoa 16-13.

Detroit. It had to be in Detroit! It's the low-hanging fruit for sure, but come on. Where else would this happen? You fill in the blanks for an NFL replay system being down on Thanksgiving and it's in Detroit with Dean Blandino and a microwave being plugged in. Just perfect. 

Really need this to happen again but with a replay needing to go on. Then again, it's not like the NFL hasn't made terrible decisions despite replay, right?