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More Like Parmigiano-ReggianHoe If You Ask Me

Gives a whole new meaning to cheese dick, dont it? You're walking through the market while wearing a mask over your face to protect those around you and you glance over to the deli section just to get a look at the spread and you see more spread than you ever dreamed possible. Luckily your mask is on because if it wasnt, people would see you panting like your name was Levi's. Bent over. Spread. Thigh gap. Curds and way too horny for a midday trip to the lunch bar at Whole Foods. 

You can help yourself. You need to spread that cheese on a cracker like it's charcuterie szn. More like Char-choocie-me, baby. Just one more time. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.