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Four-Star Prospect Hilariously Releases Graphic With His Top FIFTY Schools

My goodness, what a list. This thing goes from Alabama all the way on down to FCS programs like Rhode Island and Bethune-Cookman. Can you imagine spending your time recruiting this kid and not making his TOP FIFTY?

When I saw this, I assumed Michael Trigg was on the lower end of prospects and if he even had offers from those top schools, they certainly weren't commitable.

Nope, he's a four-star just outside the top 100 players in the country.

In that case, what a day for Bethune-Cookman to be in the mix. You gotta like your chances if you've made it into the graphics portion of Trigg's recruitment. But for a player of that caliber to release a top 50 schools and include several FCS programs is simply preposterous.

There are 41 — including Notre Dame — of the 64 Power Five teams listed on this graphic. It quite literally would have been easier to list the schools which were not finalists than to squeeze 50 logos into that picture. But that's why there's nothing like college football recruiting. Stay tuned next week for when Trigg's list gets trimmed to his top 45!