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Considering The Racism And Prejudice Behind "Karen"

Earlier this week, I talked about my obsession with names and how that shapes who we may become as individuals. In the age of the internet, is there a name any more stereotyped with "your local 50ish white woman who is quick to ask for the manager" than "Karen"? 

No. The answer is no. 

Is there a woman more associated with racial prejudice, calling the cops on any group of black or brown people larger than 1, on Twitter than "Karen"?

Oh, Karen (insert eye-roll)

We've all met one of these asymmetrical bob sporting, cardigan and flats wearing, obnoxious women. Is it fair to the real Karens of the world to label this type of woman "Karen"? 

According to a recent article in The Guardian, real Karens are weighing in on this type of internet labeling. While some Karens are finding this to be an opportunity to learn about the essence of white privilege and the ways it ripples subtly through society, others are fed the fuck up. 

"Last month, the British feminist commentator Julie Bindel tweeted that “the ‘Karen’ slur is woman-hating and based on class prejudice”, arguing that it was a working-class name."

Do the small slice of American women born after 1965 named Karen, that don't understand nuance and comedy, have a legitimate beef to live their totally non-entitled, nonprejudicial life in peace without everyone ASSUMING that they are total assholes just because their name is KAREN? 

Are we, the woken ones, actually the prejudicial, broken ones? In an attempt to find a way to talk about the way wealthy, and (usually) white women enact classism and racism, does it function in nearly the same way? 

In other words, is "Karen" the triple whammy? An elitist, woman-hating racial slur? 

What a mental pretzel I'm thrown in. 

I think the solution is this. No more naming women Karen moving forward. Finito. Done. In 2018, there were only 400+ women born with the name Karen, we're pretty much already there. Let's just make it a rule. Gotta do everything to prevent making middle-class white women uncomfortable, amirite? Protect that .000002 % of women named Karen at all costs. 


We can't have these innocent women banned from BBQs, Targets, or possibly blocked from getting a job the way some ‘ethnic-sounding’ and ‘black-sounding’ names have just because of something that was beyond their control when they were born, could we? That would just be OUTRAGEOUS.

Besides. Is there any more Karen move in the history of Karens to complain about being called a Karen?