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If The Pac-12 Doesn't Play This Fall, The Sun Belt Conference Should Move Their Kickoffs To Midnight For Gambling Purposes

Womp womp wompppppp. Don't care.

First of all, the Pac-12 should look at rebranding into the Pac-2, because there's only two teams worth a damn each year from that conference. And I'm just talking about being ranked in the Top 25......they have nothing even close to a team that resembles a college football playoff champion. In the 6 years of the playoff, the Pac-2 (the clear 5th of the Power 5 Conferences) has had 2 teams make it. And neither has won the title. So if the college football season needs to move forward without the Pac-2, so be it. We're really going to miss you, Utah?

BUT, just because the Pac-2 has little to no relevance on the national championship does NOT mean that it has little to no relevance on the world of college football. In fact, some would argue that it plays the most crucial role in the entire sport: the late night double-down game to make up all of your gambling losses from the 12 o'clock, 3:30, and 8 pm games. You all know what I'm talking about. You hit on the Illinois vs. Iowa game at noon, but by the time Florida gave up a meaningful meaningless late score in the swamp you're down again, and then you see LSU take Mississippi State's lunch money and your rent money in the night cap. But like death and taxes, the 3rd certainty of life is that you can take all of those losses and put it on Arizona State.


Until now.

Losing the Pac-2 and perhaps the Mountain West would leave a void that is so desperately needed by gamblers across this great country. So the question is: who is going to fill it? There's certainly some benefit for a conference to jump on board and move their start times back to an unreasonably late hour like 10:30 pm or midnight. People will watch......or at least check their gamecast when they're at the bars. My first thought was to suggest the MAC jump in there. People would love to live bet on Toledo and Bowling Green late into Sunday morning, but those schools already hold down the weekday gambling for us. So who is the next most random FBS Division 1-A conference that could do it? I say the Sun Belt. 

Put the 2-10 South Alabama Jaguars vs. the 5-7 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers on ESPN. Kickoff is at midnight. And give me Coastal covering the 17.5 point spread for my September rent.