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Soccer Supporter Groups All Over Europe Are Demanding Games Are Cancelled Until Fans Are Allowed In Stadiums


European football bosses have been urged to ban football until it is safe for fans to return to stadiums.

A letter signed by 350 fans’ groups across Europe – including followers of Juventus and Bayern Munich – and published on social media accused governing bodies of placing financial concerns above the health of citizens.

Ah jeez.

Sometimes it's hard to forget how much soccer means to Europeans. You'd think they'd just be happy that sports are finally trying to somewhat start up again and they can finally watch, you know, soccer. I guess Bayern fans simply cannot go without watching their team win their little rinky-dink league for the gazillion time.

I will admit that there's a certain energy about going to a European soccer game in person that is unmatched but these are desperate times. These leagues can't just be sitting here with their thumb up their butt all so that fans can come into the stadium. The season should have been wrapped by now, if they wait any longer to play these games, it will drastically affect the soccer calendar. When the time is right, they'll be allowed back in but for now, you gotta do what you gotta do so that we don't end up pushing back the World Cup or something crazy.


‘We are convinced that the only reasons for going back out on the pitch are economic, and this is confirmed by the fact the leagues would start again behind closed doors, without the beating heart of this “people’s sport” – the fans,’ it read.

(extreme Tony Romo voice) Ehhh I don't know about that one Jim. 

I'd actually argue that it is far more profitable for the club when, you know, these massive stadiums are filled to capacity. The two clubs mentioned in the article - Bayern Munich and Juventus - both have stadiums that hold 75,000 and 41,000 respectively. These supporter groups are trying to tell me that clubs are going out early just so they can make a quick buck? Yeah right. It just seems like more of a lets-get-this-shit-over-with move more than a money grab.

‘Today it is more than reasonable to think that the supremacy of money is coming above the value of human life. Modern football is more of an industry than a sport, where television is in control of most of the clubs.

This is kind of a wild quote. If the "supremacy of money is coming above the value of human life", you'd be seeing these leagues open up to full ass stadiums right now. Just letting everyone and anyone into these games that start back up this weekend. Coronavirus would be having a field day at these games. THAT would be something that puts monetary value over the value of life, not playing like 10 games behind closed doors.

I guess the main part is that supporters just don't wanna miss their teams win the league. Such as Bayern and Juventus. I don't really feel bad for those clubs because they win their respective leagues pretty much every year. For a team like Liverpool who has been dying to see a Premier League trophy for the better part of 30 years, I can't help but feel a little bad for their supporters. 

not really, fuck Liverpool

At the end of the day, these leagues are gonna come back behind closed doors whether these fans like it or not. It's the right move. These games aren't just gonna finish themselves and there's no point waiting god knows how long until people are allowed to get together in crowds again. One day at a time, we'll get back to normalcy. I promise.

PS - I really hope these games don't get cancelled because of this