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What the Hell are the Rams Thinking??

First things first, ???????????

How do we go from this:

To whatever the fuck this is supposed to be. You really gotta whiff to mess up this colorway yet here we are:

There was a lot of flack about the terrible new Falcons jerseys but these are much worse, considering the jersey they abandoned for this bullshit.

A white logo on a grey jersey and a white stripe on grey britches? What did the designers gain from this?

The numbers on the sleeve look stretched out and awful, as well:

And you know ice cream cakes? The Carvel joints? Tell me that's not the same writing:

The uniforms stink and are very bad. The Chargers may have the worst team in the city but they'll look damn good while they're doing it. They did their new jerseys RIGHT:

I'm going back to bed as these designs have upset me greatly.