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34-Year-Old Mother And 17-Year-Old Son Went On TikTok To Explain They're NOT Dating

DM - A woman has gone viral after revealing she is often mistaken for her son's sister due to her youthful appearance - with many believing she is half her actual age.  Dayna Qazi, 34, from Irvine, Southern California, is often asked if she is the sister or girlfriend of her 17-year-old son Julian, with many saying she looks even younger than the teen.  The professional photographer added that she's 'best friends' with her Julian - who she welcomed into the world when she was 16. Completing the 'Yes No' TikTok challenge, where users share the answers to commonly asked questions, Dayna said she's often asked if she's kidding when she tells strangers that she is actually her son's mother. 

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AWWW SNAP!   They're not even brother and sister!  Mama and son and...BESTIES!  That's AMAZING!  Who would've thought having a kid as a teenager would result in a 17-year-old when you're only 34!!!  Good for them being so close, athough Mama needs to take a lesson in humility!  Cooler in high school, better style, and better taste in music???  Can't win them all, Mom!  Although, maybe you can with that FIRE Steve Carell shirt!!! 


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