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What's The Most Football Name Of All Time?

My Tuesday night was spent playing NCAA09 on PS2 with a buddy of mine doing typical bullshitting during each play. My middle linebacker made a pick over the middle of the field and I gave my friend shit saying something along the lines of "can't throw it over the middle - my backer is roaming. Dude is Bill Roamin-owski out there". 

Which led me to think about just how much Bill Romanowski's name basically just means 'linebacker'. 

There's no way that Bill Romanowski could be your accountant. You're not going to hear a music director called Bill Romanowski. Nope. That dude is crushing skulls over the middle and was the biggest meathead of all time. 

I knew this would spark a great debate online, and I'm glad it did. I live for this shit. Could talk about it for days. 

So what is the most football name ever? 

There could be a whole category in of itself on Bears players. Nagurski, Ditka, Butkus, Urlacher. It's basically just the famed SNL skit with those four names. Lance Briggs isn't too bad either. Bronco ya know? What a throw it in your face "I'm a badass" name. 

Surprised PFT didn't hit me with this one, but damn it's good. It's so good it really does seem fake. Like his name was something like Harry Cox or Taylor Seamen and he got shit for it his whole life so he just got jacked out of spite for all those assholes who made his childhood hell then changed his name to Mack fucking Strong. 

I'm getting technical here, but this is the perfect name for the fullback position, but it doesn't scream football to me like a "Mike Ditka" does. This is the equivalent of a dentist with the last name "Moller" or a gym teacher named "Dick"

Still very good though.

Incredible. I was howling when I read it. The doubling up of "football defensive lineman" is hysterical. Then I had to triple-check to make sure it was real. It very much is. Got signed to a one-year deal by the Chargers last year. 

You can hear this tweet. Every time you read this name you absolutely cannot say it without having an accent in your mind that sounds like how someone named "Jimbo" or "Dabo" would say it. 

As a Steelers guy I agree with this one that it should be up there, but it's solely based on the badass he was on the field and my Steelers fandom. If you weren't a big football fan or knew much about the Steelers I don't think this one would immediately make you think "football". 

Got a lot of this one. Great name for sure. Sounds more like a Bond villain or a 2020 rapper to me, though. 

Wouldn't have hit the same if he didn't play defense. A+ especially for a linebacker. 

I wanted the Steelers to draft him solely so I could have a Steelers jersey with the name "Rambo" on the back.