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Coach Cal's First NBA Advice To Tyler Herro: Buy A Watch, Because You Can Always Sell Those Back To Get Money

[Source] - “Save your money!” Herro said Calipari told him before jumping to the pros. “But no, Coach Cal told me the first thing to buy should be a watch because you can sell those back and they appreciate over time. He definitely told me to save my money. Coach Cal taught me everything since college on how to be a pro… Coach Cal was a big step in my life.”

Coach Cal a step ahead! Good luck trying to tell Tyler Herro to save his money. Tyler Herro is going to have a ton of fun with his money. No doubt about it. That's just who Herro is and why Coley wrote a blog called 'This is a Tyler Herro appreciation post'. 

But telling him to buy a watch because they appreciate over time and you can make money when you sell them back? Pure genius. Might go buy a nice ass watch right this second just to have that as my backup savings account. That's how it works, right? 

I'm just upset he got rid of the braids. A Tyler Herro looking like this? That's how the NBA comes back right away

Coach Cal, always a step ahead. Coach K probably would have tried to take a watch from Tyler Herro.